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Modular & Single Color Glass Block

These modular glass block allow the designer a virtually unlimited degree of expression.  As with all our glass products, these glass block use a special fusion process to imbed the design into the glass for extreme durability and easy installation.  The samples below show edges, corners and diagonals that can be used to create unique, one-of-a-kind glass block designs in a wide variety of colors.

In addition, the translucent, solid color glass block shown below can be used to enhance any project requiring the use of glass block.  These samples also illustrate the color range used in our modular glass block products.

Modular Glass Block
Modular A Modular B Modular C
Modular A Modular B

Modular C

  Modular D Available sizes:
19x19x8 cm
(7.48x7.48x3.15 in)
24x24x8 cm
(9.45x9.45x3.15 in)
  Modular D  
Solid Color Glass Block
Azzurro Bianco Blu
Azure White Blue
Bruno Verde Scuro Grigio
Brown Green Gray
Verde Chiaro Sabbia Giallo Antico
Light Green Sand Antique Yellow
Turchese Viola Giallo
Turquoise Violet Yellow
Bronzo Blu Lavanda Arancio
Bronze Lavender Blue Orange
Rosso Antico Verde Ramina Blu Mare
Antique Red Ramina Green Sea Blue
Sale e Pepe Rosa Antico Verde Pistacchio
Salt & Pepper Antique Rose Pistachio Green
Blu Antico Turchese Antico Sabbia Antico
Antique Blue Antique Turquoise Antique Sand
Available sizes:
19x19x8 cm (7.48x7.48x3.15 in)
24x24x8 cm (9.45x9.45x3.15 in)



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